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Get started quickly

Hear a paragraph

This button floats to the left of a paragraph.

Click play and Lexsee will read the paragraph to you.

Open the Lexsee Lens

  1. Click the bunny tab to open the Lexsee Lens.

  2. Click on a word to hear and see it, as well as get a definition.

Practice words

  1. Click the word you want to practice

  2. Click 'Say it' then say the word out loud. Lexsee only listens for that word.
    Lexsee puts a green check mark under syllables that sound correct.
    Purple marks mean a little more practice is needed.

Note: Lexsee listens for common US English accents. If Lexsee doesn't understand well enough, try changing the level from "strict" to "loose" in Pronunciation settings.

Any questions?